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Recent additions to the ODCC website

  • Downloadable Member Directory Updated as of May 18th, 2021 (look for this to be updated monthly)  NOTE, you must be a member and logged in to see this information
  •  A group of ODCC members recently cruised to two dairies that are part of the Maryland Ice Cream trail. A great drive on mostly country roads, great ice cream, and great comradery. It's great to get back to in-person activities after a year of Covid! Check out the photos in our Photo Gallery: Ice Cream Cruise
  • A bunch of members got together recently to play with and "race" Remote Control (RC) cars. It was a riot (the good kind) and all had a blast, including adults, children and dogs. Check out photos here: Radio Controlled Racing 
  • New list of members, organized by Corvette generation (C1 through C8) added to member menu. (Visible to logged in members only)  If you haven't entered this information yet, go to Members / My Profile and click on Additional Member Data
  • Check out "Save the Wave" under the About ODCC menu - visible to everyone
  • And don't forget to check out our Events calendar. Join and sign in for details on each event